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Sin'dorei of Lightninghoof Welcomes You!
Welcome to the Sin'dorei Guild website. We are a stable guild focused on 10-man content located on the Lightninghoof server.

Are you a casual raider? Maybe someone who would rather experience both the big and the small in Azeroth? We cater to a variety of players.

We are also home to those who have come to appreciate the softer and sometimes sillier side of WoW; (those who were there will always remember our running of the cows) those who enjoy exploring and collecting; those who live for achievements and vanity pets; and those who still have soft-spots for BWL and MC.

We are currently recruiting mature, active members of all classes and races. Sin'dorei was created in hopes of finding like minded players interested in playing World of Warcraft to its fullest.

Want to join? To apply for the guild please click on Apply for membership and fill out the application the best you can.

Allied Guilds: Click on apply for membership; you don’t have to fill out the application, simply post what guild you are from to get accepted to the website and forums.
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