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There are several resources online for the raid. Many written guides and videos exist. On Icy-Veins, you can find class guides for the raid for your give role/spec. Below is something quick from Wowhead.

Taking some time to look over the boss fights and strategies will help cut down on confusion and help speed things up to make pushing further into the raid simpler.
Jeina - 85 Blood Elf Rogue
Kalenthos - 85 Tauren Druid
Kalentho - 85 Tauren Shaman
Jeinathil - 85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Cynisa - 85 Blood Elf Mage
Yerina - 85 Troll Hunter
Jeinixia - 85 Goblin Warrior
Silythi - 82 Goblin Priest
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