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Ny'alotha Raid Resources.

There are several resources online for the raid. Many written guides and videos exist. On Icy-Veins, you can find class guides for the raid for your give role/spec. Below is something quick from Wowhead.
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Starting WoD Raiding.

Well, as of next Tuesday. (1/6/15) We are going to try to get off the ground with some guild raiding. This will start about 7 server, and we will raid for a couple of hours. (Barring great success, or great failure.) Any and all in the guild are w...
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Cataclysm Raid Guide Videos

I've compiled videos of the first few boss fights in the Bastion of Twilight and Blackwing Decent. Take a look at them.Daedalis would also like to point out to please click the Lightwell!Blackwing DecentMagmawOmnitron Defense SystemBastion of Twil...
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Saturday night LK review.

Saturday Night LK ReviewWith Saturday being the first time most of us have ever seen the LK fight in person, I think we handled what we had in front of us well. This is just an overview of what we did well on, what went alright, and things we need...
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Classic Raids

I would like to start doing Classic Raids for those interested:These include:Zul'GurubMolten CoreAQ20AQ40Blackwing LairBattle for Mount HyjalBlack TemplePlease select which day is best for you.
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Boss strats and Videos

Here are some videos and related materials that can help you understand a fight that might be giving you trouble in some way. Can't stop getting hit by the mailable oozes? Here's the answer. Those pesky Sindragosa ice locks getting you down? Here'...
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Lunar Fest Omen

I am wanting to set up a group to complete the Omen Quest (I think that is the name of it) for this lunar fest... anyone interested in helping me?
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Weekly Raid

This week apparently the weekly raid is the first boss in ICC. I find this to be a good time for those wanting to show they have what it takes on progression raids to step up. The Officer core can pretty well cover tanks/heals for 2 ICC 10 runs. (...
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Alright kids, lets stir up some life on the website. By first of the year we will be pushing a weekly raid into Naxx. With any luck, we can play with one of the other 10-mans on an off day. Thus returning us to our progression. That said, I am gon...
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To get started on the Onyxia chain: go to Kargath and get the quest Warlord's Command. Unless the new patch changed it you have to talk to him several times before he gives you the quest. This quest is to kill the 3 bosses in LBRS.The next leg of ...
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Multiple Kara groups?

12 People signed today for the Kara run... and I know I didn't sign up and a couple of other members that can go haven't signed up either. So, when do we think we can set up another group for Kara? Or perhaps a Zul'Aman group?
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Karazhan, Zul'Aman and beyond

Karazhan con be run with a wide variety of party makeups. Obviously we need a well-geared main tank. We must have an off tank, preferably one who can do good DPS when not needed to tank. Crowd control is crucial for Moroes. We have been successful...
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Preparing for raids

As we move towards a second Karazhan group and hopefully a 25 person raid group for Gruul there are a few things that need to be emphasized. Some we've said before but bear repeating. In general, come prepared. Brings the potions and foods you wil...
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Raid Loot System and the Feral Druid

Feral druids are a unique class able to excel as tanks and melee dps (to a lesser extent perhaps) within the same talent tree and largely with the same talents. Though there is some overlap in gear, particular with set pieces such as the T4 and th...
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Healers keyed for Karazhan

CaliypsoIchneMalpegSolstarThogg (?)
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Karazhan this week

I have to go to a ballgame Wednesday night and won't be on 'til around nine. I will be available then.
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DPS keyed for Karazhan

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Tanks keyed for Karazhan

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Key to Karazhan

If you are level 70 and not keyed for Karazhan, please post here so we can try to get that done.
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Karazhan Boss Stratigy Guide

I know Art was using Wowwikki to plan our Kara runs. This seems to be a more visual guide for the boss fights. Give it a look.AMPWOW karazhan Boss Guide
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