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(Dec 12, 2020)
updated Discord information in the forums
(Dec 12, 2020)
Updated raid progression
(May 06, 2020)
Guild site being dusted off. Everyone rejoice!
(Nov 01, 2018)
I demand more use of this site! That is all.
(Aug 26, 2016)
And I like the daily checklist.
(Aug 26, 2016)
Especially people who aren't happy with crap gear...
(Aug 26, 2016)
It was really just if anyone wanted information about the expansion.
(Aug 22, 2016)
Seems ambitious given how few of us are around.
(Apr 29, 2016)
New Season of Diablo starts tonight. David, Camille, Will, and myself will be all on for the launch. (Maybe Justin, and Jason, dunno) Feel free to join us, as we intend to hit the ground running with this new season.
(Mar 13, 2016)
If anyone is still looking at this, we have been rotating games lately. HotS, Diablo 3, etc... If you want to play something, please get on mumble. We are there most evenings.
(Dec 17, 2015)
We're going to try and breathe a little life into this guild. We hope to raid again in the next expansion. In the mean time we are going to get together around 6 PM server on Sunday nights and run the weekend event. Come Join us.
(Dec 30, 2014)
New Thread to see who is interested in WoD raiding.
(Oct 14, 2014)
Servers are up.
(Aug 14, 2014)